Welcome to our website !

First of all, let us join in exalting GOD, for HE is the one who nutures our souls, minds and bodies. God be praised!

For such a long time my wife coaxed me to start a blog. She declared that I had the ability to write and express my ideas in a fluid fashion so as to convince the listener/reader of a given idea or concept. I have also been awarded for being a good teacher. But that is history!

I toyed with this idea for quite a while and then thought to myself that I rather open a website to give me control of uploading whatever we feel is interesting. We have been asked many questions by people e.g. regarding air-travel, holidays, foreign destinations, cooking... This website is a superb platform for us to showcase all that information. You can even get a closer look at our family through photographs.

We are thankful to out parents who directed us in intellectual pursuits and instilled good morals in us to fashion us into good citizens of the world. We feel that we should contribute in which ever way we can either by sharing recipes, answering medical questions, guiding people who need help or just by making you laugh!

We update this site quite often. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to contact us by email



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